An image to make a right-wing nut’s heads explode…


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Boehner using YOUR TAX DOLLARS for Bull**** lawsuit

Tell Boehner: “How dare you use MY TAX DOLLARS for this ridiculous political stunt!”



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A part of the abortion debate I find baffling…

…is opposition to contraception.   Reducing contraception access = more unwanted pregnancies = more abortions later = how far up your ass does your head need to be to not see this???


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Why is History Channel featuring this conspiracy nut?

Right-wing radio host Alex Jones is an unhinged nut who regularly spouts outlandish conspiracy theories, including his latest — that the recent shootings in Las Vegas were in fact staged by the government.  Not surprising, of course, since he also has claimed the government was involved in the Oklahoma City bombings and 9/11. 

But why in the world would the History Channel feature this lunatic as a legitimate source on one of its shows? 

Yes, Jones was actually featured on an episode of “America’s Book of Secrets “, one dealing with how the value of gold is determined.  Featured along with legitimate sources, such as economist and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich.  And allowed to spout his conspiracy theory nonsense unchallenged.

Yes, the History Channel has strayed from pure “history” shows in the past, and no one is saying they should only run nothing but 100% pure historical documentaries 24/7.   But featuring a right-wing conspiracy nut like Jones alongside legitimate sources takes “jumping the shark” to a whole new level. Worse yet, given that most viewers probably don’t know his record, they might reasonably assume that his cockamamie theories are true, given the implicit endorsement by a source as legitimate as this channel.

Tell the History Channel: Stop featuring Alex Jones as a legitimate source. 


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Marco Rubio, Climate-Change Denier

Send Marco Rubio a message, and tell him to stop denying the reality of climate change.


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Roving Lunatic…


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Armed Militia Members Setting Up Checkpoints in Nevada

So… why are these nuts not yet in prison?

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