Seriously, Rick? Not on the ballot in 4 of 18 CD’s in Illinois?

So the Illinois primary is tomorrow, and it promises to be a critical contest. If Romney can take it by a wide margin, it could finally give his campaign the decisive momentum it’s been yearning for — as opposed to the indecisive slowmentum it’s been enduring thus far. But if Santorum can take it, that could really shift the dynamics in a big way, and possibly be the big game change moment that the Senator needs.

But here’s the thing: Santorum isn’t on the ballot in 4 of 18 congressional districts. Meaning there’s a slew of delegates that he can’t possibly win, regardless of how well he does.   Why?  Because Santorum’s campaign didn’t turn in the few hundred signatures that would’ve been needed in each of those districts.

Now, here’s the thing… presidential campaigns are not easy, and there are a hell of a lot of moving parts.  Ballot requirements for each of the states vary greatly, and I confess, I could barely keep up with them, let alone meet them myself.

But I’m not running for president.  I’m not running to be the one person out of 300 million who is the leader of all the others. 

And it doesn’t stop there.  He wasn’t on the Virginia ballot either.  And he won’t be on DC’s ballot.  When you’re fighting for every delegate, these things matter.  Big time.

And when you’re fighting to be the “top dog out of 300 million”, such mistakes pretty much  scream out loud, “actually, look to the other 299,999,999 first.”



About John Hlinko

John Hlinko is a frequent political pundit on TV, and the founder of Left Action, a network of over 1 million activists. He is also the author of, "Share, Retweet, Repeat: Get Your Message Read and Spread," ranked by as the # 1 "hot new release" in web marketing in early 2012. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook
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