Hlinko on Fox – Bill O’Reilly’s Show

A great discussion, as Bill, I, and GOP strategist Chris Begala debated the Romney hazing/assault incident from his high school days.


About John Hlinko

John Hlinko is a frequent political pundit on TV, and the founder of Left Action, a network of over 1 million activists. He is also the author of, "Share, Retweet, Repeat: Get Your Message Read and Spread," ranked by Amazon.com as the # 1 "hot new release" in web marketing in early 2012. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook
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9 Responses to Hlinko on Fox – Bill O’Reilly’s Show

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  2. Nickey says:

    Why would you go on O’Reilly’s show unprepared like that?

  3. Senor Moore says:

    Paul Begalla must be so ashamed.

  4. Rex says:

    Why didn’t Bill O’Reilly just do a ‘to-camera’ piece on this? He says ‘good debate guys’ at the end but it wasn’t a frikking debate because he did all the talking and wouldn’t let anyone else finish a sentence, it was a complete waste of time and an opportunity for him to do some biased spin.

  5. You notice Bill constantly interrupts Hlinka, but does not interrupt Begala. Bill’s prime agenda is to minimize the seriousness of Romney’s attack. Romney’s attack is relevant, and obviously is much more serious than someone admitting to having smoked pot. And of course, attacking someone in that way is not something that anyone would just “not remember.” It is a proven fact that people in leadership positions include a higher percentage of psychopaths than the general population. They just become skilled at hiding their aggressive behaviors. O’Reilly– King Douche.

  6. Peggy Meehan says:

    I agree with you, Bob… I find it just amazing that O’Reilly lets Begala speak uninterrupted, and does not let John Hlinko get 2 words out of his mouth without cutting him off. John, if I were you, I would not give Bill O’Reilly the time of day, much less appear on his show again. O’Reilly’s followers will NEVER subscribe to anything you try to say anyway.

  7. Mommy Artist Lawyer says:

    A few things to remember if you want an appearance on O’Reilly’s show to be meaningful. Always have factual support for your argument memorized, don’t concede anything and when he interrupts just keep talking until you finish your point. You have to be like a dog with a bone, otherwise he’s just using you as a backboard to make his shot.

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