You wanna repeal? Well then….

The Republican leadership continues to waste time holding votes on repealing Obamacare. Votes that will lead nowhere.

Here’s a suggestion — every time the GOP holds a vote on this, Dems should push hard for a vote on Medicare for All.  In fact, every time a Republican rants about it at all, Dems should rant right back about Medicare for All.

They wanna play this game?  Let’s see them and raise them… with one of the most popular programs in American history.

Democratic leaders, are you listening?


About John Hlinko

John Hlinko is a frequent political pundit on TV, and the founder of Left Action, a network of over 1 million activists. He is also the author of, "Share, Retweet, Repeat: Get Your Message Read and Spread," ranked by as the # 1 "hot new release" in web marketing in early 2012. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook
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