Mitt Romney: Outsourcing… and Outhorsing

Okay, so there’s already been so many stories about Romney’s role in outsourcing, i.e., sending American jobs overseas.

But… his horse?  That dancing horse that’s headed to the Olympics… is actually from Germany.

Look, if the guy likes horses, hey, that’s cool with me.  They’re beautiful animals.  Though I do wonder how far down the list of stuff to buy you have to get before you get to “dancing horse.”

But are there really no horses left in America?   Hey, to each his own, but… this makes Romney guilty of, ahem, “outhorsing.”


About John Hlinko

John Hlinko is a frequent political pundit on TV, and the founder of Left Action, a network of over 1 million activists. He is also the author of, "Share, Retweet, Repeat: Get Your Message Read and Spread," ranked by as the # 1 "hot new release" in web marketing in early 2012. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook
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