If McCain calls Obama’s foreign policy “feckless” does that mean McCain’s is “totally fecked”?


The situation in Ukraine is a highly volatile one, and as bad as it already is, the potential is there for it to get much, much worse. That is why level-headed leaders from all over the world are working hard to try to defuse it.

Unfortunately, here in America, Republicans are undermining those efforts by shamelessly exploiting the situation for political purposes. John McCain, Sarah Palin, and other Republican leaders are spewing “tough guy” talk that ranges from irresponsible to outright unhinged.

If this were simply a domestic issue, such talk would be par for the course. But in an international crisis, it is downright dangerous. Implying that the US needs to take a military response is the last thing needed in an already volatile situation.

The US does not need another armed conflict, and these Republican leaders need to stop trying to egg us on into one.

Send a message to the Republicans: Tell them to stop trying to push us into war in Ukraine.


About John Hlinko

John Hlinko is a frequent political pundit on TV, and the founder of Left Action, a network of over 1 million activists. He is also the author of, "Share, Retweet, Repeat: Get Your Message Read and Spread," ranked by Amazon.com as the # 1 "hot new release" in web marketing in early 2012. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook
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